A Minor Case of Dental Attrition Might Be Addressed by a Simple Dental Filling

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Unaddressed tooth loss and genetic factors can sometimes cause minor changes to develop in the alignment of your teeth. As time goes on the biting edge of one tooth could start to wear on the surface of another. This could cause a gradual loss of localized tooth enamel.

While the tooth enamel surface continues to degrade the area of dental attrition could potentially accumulate bacterial deposits which foster tooth decay. This could also cause sensitivity problems, or potentially increase your chances of suffering a severe dental fracture.

If it is caught in a reasonable amount of time, Dr. Nhat Nguyen and Dr. Maria Sese might be able to repair the tooth by installing a simple dental filling.

This might involve carefully removing a small amount of additional amount of tooth enamel. This will prepare the surface capable of forming a strong bond with the dental filling. The specific material that our dentists use will be based on the affected surface and its visibility in your smile.

A composite dental filling can be shaded to closely mimic the surrounding natural tooth enamel. This makes it a good choice to repair a surface that will appear in your smile. A dental filling made from metallic amalgam will be dark, yet durable. This makes it preferable for treating dental attrition that affects one of your back teeth.

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