A New Bite on Life

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Dentures are traditionally depicted in cartoons as bulky teeth that are obviously fake and are always falling out. But truthfully, we have made great strides in making them more comfortable and in looking like natural teeth. If you are missing some teeth, you may want to consider a denture.

There are three different kinds of dentures: conventional, immediate and partial. The conventional denture is placed in your mouth after removing the remaining teeth and you’ve had time to heal. This process may take several months. During this period, you may not have teeth.

Immediate dentures can be inserted shortly after removing the teeth, greatly reducing the time you spend without teeth. However, because your mouth and bones are healing, this denture must be relined and may even need to be remade after a few months.

The last denture appliance is the partial, which sits on a metal frame and attaches to your natural teeth. We may place crowns on your adjoining teeth to serve as anchors. This denture can be a removable alternative to a bridge.

It may be normal to feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks or months. It is recommended that you practice eating and speaking during this time. It’s also not uncommon for dentures to feel loose while your cheek muscles and tongue get used to holding them in place.

Over time, you will need to reline your dentures or add a new base to them. As you age, your mouth changes naturally. Dr. Nhat Nguyen and Dr. Maria Sese can help adjust your dentures to your mouth as it changes.

Be careful not to drop your dentures, as they may break. Come in to see our dentist if they are broken, chipped, cracked or loose. Brush your dentures and gums daily. Put the dentures in a cleanser soaking solution or in water when you’re not using them.

Dentures can be a great way to restore your beautiful smile. If you would like more information or want to schedule an appointment with East Coast Family Dental in Jersey City, New Jersey, give our office a call at 201-332-4699.