Are You Keeping up With Your Toothache Treatments This Summer?

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Keeping your teeth safe includes making sure your nerve endings are not damaged, which result in toothaches. Are you keeping up with your toothache treatments this summer? Look for the following symptoms that are typically associated with toothaches:

– Toothaches typically include pain and discomfort even after taking medications to dull the pain.
– Pain from a toothache generally continues for longer than 24 hours.
– Clear swelling in the affected area or in and around your face could be a positive indicator of a toothache.
– If you have suffered from an oral accident, blunt trauma, cavities, infection, tooth loss, unseen oral health damage, and other internal health issues, you may be at an increased risk for toothaches.
– Side effects of toothaches can include fevers, chills, and irregular facial rashes.
– If toothaches are left untreated, they can grow into other health issues within your body, and permanent tooth loss.

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