Cosmetic Dentistry For Tooth Stains

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If cosmetic smile imperfections are getting in the way of achieving a beautiful and radiant smile, we encourage you to visit [pratice_name] to seek remedies for unwanted factors such as tooth stains and visible dental fillings. We are pleased to offer cosmetic dentistry to help you remove tooth stains and enjoy the glowing smiles you have always wanted.

Dr. Maria Sese, our highly trained and experienced dentist, can help you select a whitening procedure based on the nature of your tooth stains and personal preferences. You are welcome to visit our office to determine the source of your tooth stains and choose a course of cosmetic treatment.

Teeth Whitening
Mild surface stains produced by dark foods and drinks can often be lightened by a retail whitening product, though keep in mind that the potency and efficacy of store-bought products will not measure up to the results created by the customizable teeth whitening procedures offered at East Coast Family Dental.

Dental Veneers
The addition of chipped teeth or unattractive dental fillings as well as tooth stains means that teeth whitening may not be sufficient and you may need porcelain dental veneers instead. By covering the faces on your front teeth with custom-created cosmetic shells from a dental lab, we can provide your smile with a personalized appearance.

Contact East Coast Family Dental at 201-332-4699 today if you are interested in receiving cosmetic dentistry in Jersey City, New Jersey, and would like to discuss your treatment options with our dentist.