Crowns or Fillings?

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Cavities and other forms of tooth decay need to be treated as quickly as possible. Letting them linger doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself. However, when you go to get your teeth repaired, you may have a few options to choose from. Two of those are likely either a filling or a crown.

Let’s look at instances where you could choose them.

Visible teeth

If you have a cavity or tooth decay in teeth which are highly visible in your smile, you likely don’t want a lump of gray amalgam filling going right there and making your smile look less-than-perfect.

Instead of a filling, you can use a dental crown to fix your teeth. This removes the cavity from your teeth because, in order to get a crown, your tooth is ground down to form an abutment. This eliminates the cavity and makes your smile whole once more.

Using fillings

Now, unless you have a situation like the one described above, most dentists will advise that you use a filling for other cavity needs. They’ve been effectively used for years, and your experience here with Dr. Maria Sese at East Coast Family Dental in Jersey City, New Jersey, will be as enjoyable as possible.

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