Dental Crowns: Step 1

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We hope that our office is a fun one for you. When you get a dental crown from us, the service will typically take a couple of checkups. Here’s a crash course on what you can expect in your first dental crown appointment with us.

To prepare you to get your dental crown, Dr. Maria Sese will inspect the roots of your teeth and the surrounding bone tissue using X-rays. When the pearly whites or bone are excessively decayed, we might decide to do a root canal before fitting a dental crown for you. We will continue with the crown procedure and numb the tooth or teeth (and nearby gums) that are to receive the crown(s). To help the fit of the dental crown, we will reshape the tooth’s surface and its sides. When major areas of the tooth or teeth are missing, we might fill in the tooth a bit before installing the crown. When you get a porcelain filling, Dr. Maria Sese will match the color of porcelain to the shade of your chompers.

Pencil in your next visit with Dr. Maria Sese by dialing 201-332-4699 now, and the East Coast Family Dental staff in Jersey City, New Jersey, will take care of you. And please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any major concerns or questions we can help with!