Focus Your Smile on Tooth Hazard Prevention

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To keep your teeth functioning as intended, you should always make sure they are safe from any dental damage that can arise because damage can occur at any time and can often take place in a moment’s notice. Your dietary choices should always be under consideration, so you can be sure your smile can thrive for many many years to come.

Opening stuff with your teeth should be avoided at all times. The bottom line is, your teeth are designed for eating. Never try to use your teeth for opening product packaging as it can severely lacerate your gums, chip and crack your teeth, and potentially even cause your teeth to be knocked out completely. Avoid using your pearly whites for opening product packaging.

Exercise caution with all your dietary choices and selections. Everything you consume can potentially affect metal your physical health or your oral health as well. Numerous products are often loaded with sugars and starches which can easily contribute to the dental damage. This is because harmful bacteria in your mouth can convert sugars and starches into harmful acids which will contribute to dental erosion.

Limit snacking throughout the day. Even though you may find yourself getting the munchies from time to time, it is generally a good idea to avoid snacks and only stick to large meals. This is because by snacking throughout the day, food debris will be lingering on your teeth more and dental erosion is more likely to occur. In addition, it can limit the amount of saliva in your mouth produces.

Never give up on your smile or your oral health care until you have visited with our dentist and learned more about tooth hazard prevention. To book an appointment with East Coast Family Dental, by contacting us at our dentist office in Jersey City, New Jersey. Our number is 201-332-4699. Dr. Maria Sese and our entire team look forward to your visit.