How You Can Avoid the Harmful Effects of Sugary Drinks

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Even though sweetened beverages are available in many forms today, they are not your best choice when it comes to your smile. This is because sugary drinks feed harmful oral bacteria which get their energy from sugar. They then turn around and create acid which attacks your teeth. The result? You end up exposed to tooth erosion and cavities.

You might even think that healthy choices would involve fruit juice, but the sugar content even in apple juice can rival that in soda! It’s not impossible to avoid sugary beverages, and you can at least limit them by making substitutions. We have some choices that you can use to keep your pearly whites healthier. Let’s take a look:

– Water can substitute for soda.

– Unsweetened tea can substitute for energy drinks.

– Plain milk can substitute for chocolate milk.

– Plain sparkling water can substitute for smoothies.

– You can dilute fruit juice and fruit punch with water.

By making these choices, you will not be feeding the oral bacteria in your mouth. If you drink fluoridated tap water, you will be giving your tooth enamel a big boost. And the calcium in milk will nourish your teeth. But if you still can’t give up soda, tea, or coffee you can help your smile by taking these measures:

– Don’t sip the drink throughout the day because it just feeds the bacteria. Drink it in one sitting to lessen contact on the teeth.

– Is your tap water fluoridated? Drink it daily to help strengthen teeth.

– Drinking with a straw can help reduce exposure to the teeth.

– Brush and floss your teeth every day without fail. This will reduce oral bacteria.

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