Replenish Your Smile with Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

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If you are looking to improve oral health through lifestyle changes, and it’s important to determine which inadequacies you currently have. If there are any particular oral health ailments that you constantly find yourself being extra vulnerable to, they should be the primary focus. This can include cavities. If you are suffering from cavities, it is important to how to ensure that your smile has the best chance of avoiding the ailment. Because of the fact that cavities primarily form due to dental erosion, you must first set up preventative therapies.

All aspects of your lifestyle, your diet and your cleaning habits can all help limit dental erosion and cavity prevention. In regard to your diet, always make sure that you are avoiding products that can slowly damage and deteriorate your teeth. This includes substances that can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth. Sugars and starches are ingredients that can increase your risk of dental erosion. Thus, products featuring these substances should be avoided as much as possible. To help strengthen your teeth, consider eating enamel-building minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco are known to increase your risk of dental erosion and cavity prevention. Furthermore, using drugs or medications that produce dry mouth as a side effect can increase your risk of dental erosion. Limit these bad products from your life to help keep your smile safe. In regard to cleaning your mouth, always make sure you are brushing on a daily basis and producing enough saliva in your mouth. Because saliva is essential for washing away food debris and harmful acids, it could prove to be an effective tool in your fight against dental erosion and cavity prevention.

Your ideal smile starts with dental erosion and cavity prevention. For an oral examination, call East Coast Family Dental at 201-332-4699. Dr. Nhat Nguyen and Dr. Maria Sese at our dentist office in Jersey City, New Jersey look forward to having you as our guest soon.