The Little Things That Can Help Your Smile

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Did you know there are little things you can do other than keep up with oral hygiene and your regular dental checkups that can help you have a strong and healthy smile? Well, it’s true. You should do these things so you can have the top-notch oral health you deserve. Our dentists,  Dr. Nhat Nguyen and Dr. Maria Sese, are happy to tell you all about those things, which are:

-Chew gum: Chewing gum can help you have a top-notch oral health because it helps you produce saliva. When you produce saliva, you wash bacteria away. This can help you prevent cavities and gum disease. So, make sure you chew gum often but make sure it’s sugar-free gum.

-Kiss more: This might seem crazy, but it’s true! Kissing can help you have a healthier smile because it, like chewing gum, can help you produce saliva. So, kiss as much as you can! But remember: only if it’s welcomed.

-Have a healthy and active lifestyle: Having a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods can help your teeth because healthy foods strengthen the tooth enamel and nourish the gums. Having an active lifestyle can help you avoid damaging your teeth because exercise can relieve stress. Stress can make you clench your jaw and grind your teeth.

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